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1409 - Bizarre mortality
Strange things are happening. Here, the week after the shocking death of my former student at age 21, another accident happened on Saturday night. A young woman who graduated from the Salt Mine in 1998 was at her mother's house on Lake Sammamish. In the house were her mother, father (or stepfather), herself, her husband and their little three year old boy. Pretty clearly a nice family dinner on Saturday evening. Around eight o'clock, her mother decided to move their new Jeep Cherokee from one parking space at the house to another. She got in the car, put the little boy on her lap. Then life exploded. The car shot right through the house, out the back and over the deck on Lake Sammamish. On the way it killed her husband outright in the living room. The young couple were on the deck, and it ran over them. Both were critically injured. The husband died on Sunday. My former student is hanging on today. The grandmother and the little boy were able to escape the car with no significant injuries. So in the few seconds of the accident, the grandmother killed her husband and her son-in-law and injured her daughter, perhaps mortally. It is impossible to understand how such a change can happen in such a few seconds. All we can do is stand back in shock, not grasp what happened. All that is left is grief.


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