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Interesting words

"Proud, cruel, everchanging and ephemeral city, to whom we came once when our hearts were high, our blood passionate and hot, our brain a particle of fire: infinite and mutable city, mercurial city, strange citadel of million-visaged time -- O! endless river and eternal rock, in which the forms of life came, passed and changed intolerably before us, and to which we came, as every youth has come, with such enormous madness, and with so mad a hope -- for what? And what is left now of all our madness, hunger and desire? What have you given, incredible mirage of all our million shining hopes, to those who wanted to possess you wholly to your ultimate designs, your final sources, from whom you took the strength, the passion, and the innocence of youth? Gigantic city, we have taken nothing -- not even a handful of your trampled dust -- we have made no image on your iron breast and left not even the print of a heel upon your stony-hearted pavements. The possession of all things, even the air we breathed, was held from us, and the river of time and life flowed through the grasp of our hands forever, and we held nothing for our hunger and desire except the proud and trembling moments, one by one."
Thomas Wolfe

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