Doc (echsdoc) wrote,

577 - some passings

I got word of three passings of very different types today. One was the death last week of Reginald Hill, the British author of the Dalziel and Pascoe series of novels. He is one of my favorite writers, and I have followed his work for years. Very sad to see him go. The big national death today was that of Joe Paterno, the 85 year old winningest coach ever from Penn State. He was under the spotlight from the child sex scandal in his coaching staff, so the end of his long career has been damaged badly. Some think he died of a broken heart. Also in the news today is the death of the woman who was chairman of the UW English Department during my years there in the seventies. Reading her obituary reminded me how carefully the truth can be disguised in eulogistic prose. My feelings about her are not in synchronicity with the world, apparently. For good reasons, too. And just a few minutes ago I found out on a facebook post that one of my students from the early years at the Salt Mine died of cancer this weekend, Chris Kaska. For thirty years his blue American Literature book was sitting on a shelf in my room, the letters K-A-S-K-A proclaiming his time in my class. I am sorry to hear about his passing.

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