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Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything

Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

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1392 - Oklahoma horror
I have been thinking about that horribly botched execution in Oklahoma the other day. I will just pass over on the comments about the terrible incompetence of the State of Oklahoma. They love to execute people, but they don't think they should take the time to do it right. What gets me, though, is that when he was awakening (saying "Oh, man!" according to one witness), they shut the curtain. They then reported that he died of a heart attack about forty-five minutes later. Really? I have seen nothing about what was going on for forty-five minutes before the heart attack. Did they have a conversation? Did they tell him they were taking a do-over? Was he conscious? Do you believe the heart attack story? I don't believe it for a second. Liars. Liars.