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Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything

Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

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1402 - funerals
A couple of short observations.. Just home from the funeral for Ross Barlow. The Episcopal cathedral was packed to the rafters. The service was almost perfect. The SMHS priest had an important part. I saw many familiar faces. You could cut the grief in the air with a knife. Ross was much loved.

I have never seen a bigger funeral, full cathedral, somber spirit, all the panoply of a beautiful mass. I liked it much more than the RC funeral, though they are fine, too.

It has me thinking of all the SMHS funerals I have attended. Quite a few deaths from auto accidents, but also, murder, disease, even a fall down Mount Kilimanjaro. All the grief wears me down, especially this kind of grief.