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Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

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Interesting words - Colette
"Sextia Aude told me that she had discovered two or three wells on the property, thanks to her gifts as a dowser! 'But how is it done?' She cut the first fork of mimosa that came to hand and showed me how it turned in her grasp. 'Have a go,' she said. 'If you have the gift, you will feel it at once.' Ah!...what an extraordinary sensation! As I came near to the water the fork came alive between my hands, more alive, self-willed, and it twisted like a snake. Vera tried: she is less of a dowser than I, but she has something of it. As you can very well imagine, as soon as I was back here I roused up Louise and Pauline; but the fork would not move in their hands. So at last I have a livelihood. When the dowsing cure of the Haute-Vienne was sent for to find a spring, he asked twenty-five thousand francs when there was water, and five hundred francs for his expenses when there was none...
I am much put about by this revelation. How about you? You had better remain modest, just modest. Lovely spring, how could you expect my fork not to turn?"


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