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Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything

Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

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Interesting words - Peter Feibleman
"According to the transistor radio the hurricane was headed northeast so we wouldn't get the worst of it, only the heavy periphery -- a lot of rain and a whipping wind. But the birds knew something, they must have sensed the power of it high in the air. They weren't flying. They were huddled shoulder to shoulder on the beach with no pecking order -- big birds next to little ones -- sandpipers and gulls and terns all facing the wind. A black-backed gull stood out because it was the biggest and there were so many seabirds you couldn't see the sand.
When the first spew of rain hit it covered the birds from view and the sea grass exploded... Branches and sand and loose debris sailed hissing out over the earth in streaks and the sky seemed to roll down fast."
Peter Feibleman