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Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything

Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

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1446 - Sunday randoms
I have put my LJ entries on hold for a few days as I continue to manage the physical stuff. It has been a week since the surgery and on Tuesday I should be getting the stitches out. It looks to be healing, to my eye, but the 30+ stitches have a Frankenstein look to them. It has kept me away from the athletic club, though I may go over today. The weather has picked up, so it is good reading on the deck weather. Sunny and pleasant, which is not the norm in the country, which is plagued with storms and tornadoes, etc. Minneapolis and south seem to be especially battered. Out here it is one festive occasion after another. Yesterday was the Fremont festival. Also the marathon. Both bridges have been closed (520) or partially closed (I-90), which shows how badly traffic engineering is done here. '99 is also closed, etc. I found Ellsworth Cheese curds in the new PCC store yesterday, which is a sort of victory.