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Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything

Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

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1546 - the Heartland
ABC did it tonight. They called a weather report on Colorado a report about "The Heartland." What the heck does that mean? Are the people in Colorado especially pulsingly true Americans? Do they hold essential values that people in, say, Duluth need to learn? They always use that term for some essentially small town, white bread part of America, some place far away from the evil and decadent coasts. They never explain what it means. It means that a tornado in the heartland is more heartbreaking than the same tornado in Detroit. Because, er, you know....Pity the poor people in Ashland, Wisconsin. Their tragedies are dismissable by the media, because Ashland is more like the Prostate of America.