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Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything

Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

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1609 - moral quandary
All I was doing was being twelve in the summer of 1956, riding my yellow fat tire bike along Omaha St., delivering my Minneapolis Stars. Then I saw it: a fluttering magazine in the gutter of the street. I was a very innocent kid, so I stopped to pick it up for throwaway. Then I noticed that it was a naughty magazine, what we called a girly magazine. It was like being shot. What would people think if they saw me holding it?? I stuffed it into my paper route sack and got away as fast as possible. When I got up to Franklin St. I sat on the steps of an empty house and studied the magazine a bit. ALL THE WORSE! I had to get rid of this, but how? Anyone who saw me with it, would think it was mine! I was tainted with evil because of a good deed. It probably was my first time to wrestle with reputation and false imputation. I had to get rid of it. Know what I did? I waited until the street (Omaha) was clear, then stuffed it down a sewer grate. SWEET RELIEF. Now, sixty years later, I still glance at that grate with a sigh of relief. Until this moment, I have never told anyone about this moral quandary of my youth. My question for you. Do any of you know where such a magazine was available for purchase in Eau Claire in 1956?