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Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything

Doc was a teacher from 1967 to 2010. (Sigh)

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1739 - Random Friday
Now that I am well into retirement, the curious non-rhythm of the state is more noticeable. The days are mostly like each other; the weeks are the same. My routines are my own. I have been getting over to the athletic club pretty regularly, about three or four times a week. I have taken to going over to Casa Patron once or twice a week, where I get beef enchiladas or tacos. Last night my wife joined me there. I am out of the routine of going to movies, though several have come and gone and tempted me along the way. If I have a normal wake-up time, it would be 8:42, or within ten minutes of that time. I don't know why, as that time has no special meaning to me. I have driven something over one thousand miles in a year and a half. Unprecedented. I check my weight every time I am at the Club. Today I decided to try both scales. The digital scale gave me one weight, the one I expected, little different than recent days. When I tried the old fashioned scale (you know, where you move weights that add up to your weight until the scale wavers and balances). Well that scale came up ten pounds lighter than the digital scale. Now I get to choose, right? I am already heartily sick of the 2016 campaign and can't imagine being immersed in it for the next two years.