January 8th, 2006

Potential dangerous upheaval

My son-in-law brought over a birthday present for me the other day. He and E***y got me a dvd player. He attached it to the tv and got it working and showed me how to use the remote with it. They even offered to set me up with a Netflix account so I could have eternal movies.

This is a dangerous situation. You see, the one thing I don't do is sit in front of the tv and watch movies. Actually, I watch very little television of any kind other than news, nature and court tv documentaries. As for movies, I watch them seldom on the little screen, and when I do, I watch them on the computer rather than the tv. The only times I plan to watch a movie would be times at the cabin when I put one on my laptop and watch it for evening entertainment.

Add in this element: I have been a movie fan all my life. Until ten years ago, I went out most weekends to see a movie. As the last decade passed, I have gone out less and less. So now I have a chance to catch up.

And last night I picked up a pack of three Python movies while out browsing Barnes & Noble with my BB. And when I got home I put "And Now For Something Completely Different" in the new dvd and enjoyed watching an actual movie right in my actual living room, sitting on my actual couch. This is dangerous stuff, possibly life changing in terms of habits.

How do I prevent myself from turning into a movie watching, netflixing mono-gazer? How do I keep my independence and ability to say to my students, "Nah, I won't ever see that movie" when it is so easy to run up a list of must-sees?

One other thing, too, my E and N bought me a tech thing, which is deadly to any male from age thirteen on to my age of advanced senility. Great present.