January 20th, 2006

A sad coincidence

How about this from the NYTimes? Talk about sad:

The award for the most painful coincidence in recorded history must go to the poet Simon Armitage, who chanced upon a used copy of a book of his poems in a trash bin outside a thrift store. On the title page was the following inscription, in his own handwriting: "To Mum and Dad."

And you and I think we got it tough.

Basketball tonight

Tonight was one of those Metro marathons, five basketball games at L******e. The boys' jv won a thriller in overtime. I saw the girls' varsity lose to the Lions but they put up a good fight and the game was much closer than the previous game at our gym. The boys' varsity game was a nail-biter. We never were behind and had pushed the score up to about a twenty point lead, but they came tearing out the fourth quarter and pushed and pushed. At the buzzer we were ahead 61-59, but it was a totally insecure game all the way to the end. We seem to have special difficulty in putting L******e away. Anyway, it was a great win, especially savory because of the closeness. We swept both games of the set with them this year and are now 6-6 in league. Fun night.

My new icon is me at age seventeen, standing on the dock up at my lake cabin. I was a slim young feller, don't you think?