January 27th, 2006

The last leaf upon the tree

People are passing, and generations are passing. Last night Mr. A****a's father passed away at the age of ninety. It was expected, and he had a good life. And dying is one of the things people do in their nineties. Even so, it is hard, very hard, to lose a father, so we have our sympathy for C*****e. I am so glad that I do not have that experience to look forward to. In our family we got word this morning that my wife's Aunt L*****e was taken to the hospital yesterday. She is ninety-one, so our fingers are crossed for her. L*****e is the very last one of our parents' generation. Our parents are gone, as are all the aunts and uncles. When she is gone, that generation will be literally lost into history. And on top of it, the next "in line" is likely to be me.

At the Salt Mine many of us are going through the terrible accident that happened Wednesday afternoon. One of our former students (who would have graduated in 2005, had he not left for Running Start after junior year) was drag racing down Coal Creek. His best friend spun out and was killed, burned to death in his BMW. Our former student was arrested for his part. This is a tragic event for everyone involved. And it makes it harder that this death, unlike the two I mentioned above, was fully preventable. It did not have to happen. And now two families are traumatized forever.

For Pete's Sake, be aware of the dangers of reckless driving, and drive your cars accordingly.

(And as a personal aside, I decided long ago that if my son ever got a speeding ticket, it would be ages before he ever drove my car, or any car, again. It would be bus pass mobility from then on.)