February 6th, 2006

Reasons to quit?

You want to know what is high on the list of reasons to quit and leave the next generation to other teachers? The bell rings. You are reading an exceptionally beautiful and famous poem ("La Belle Dame Sans Merci") and are six lines from the end. What happens? Some members of the class slam their books shut and start the leaving shuffle. What an insult. An insult to the effort you are exerting, to the general focus on the poem, to the students who are listening, especially to you, the teacher and John Keats. Kids are always jumping on the RESPECT issue, but they don't show the slightest respect for you, even at the cost of your willingness to respect them! It is infuriating, no lie. And you know what? Guess who future employers call for comments about your character? Guess who gets called when you want to get into the military or any government service. Guess who it is wise to want on your side, just in case? Your senior English teacher, often the adult of first resort. Yeah, right. Yesterday I wrote a personal recommendation for a grad from the class of 1989 --true.

So go ahead, randomly insult people in your lives. That kind of stuff can come right home and bite you in the buttocks.

I am still upset about this. Can you tell?