March 9th, 2006

i want to know

I want to know: Do flies get bigger, or are they "born" the size they are for the rest of their lives? Are some flies just little and others humongous? Or do they get bigger and bigger and bigger?


On Seeing a Lock of Lucretia Borgia’s Hair

BORGIA, thou once wert almost too august
And high for adoration; now thou ’rt dust;
All that remains of thee these plaits unfold,
Calm hair meandering in pellucid gold.

Walter Savage Landor (1775–1864)

I like the word "pellucid."

The Mystery of Women

Of course, women have always been mysteries to us men. I refer here to a tiny kind of mystery.

Example, tonight at supper my ball and chain was cooking brussels sprouts. She likes them. I have never liked a brussels sprout in my life. It is one of the most unlikeable foods I can think of. I can not stand the flavor or the texture or the shape of sprouts. Now, this woman has known that since 1961. No secret. Yet in 2006, sprouts appear in my kitchen. No prob. Except, sure enough, she will ask me if I want some brussels sprouts. And she will tell me how tasty they are, especially these particular sprouts. There has been no change in my chemistry. I haven't had a major electrical shock. There is no reason to think I might have become sprouts prone. But, there we are, women will continue to press sprouts on their men. And rutabagas, and squash and other noxious foods.

Why do women do that? God bless 'em.