March 14th, 2006


Today was one of those surprisingly free days. Except for a short after school visit with B and J M*******s, who are here for a death in the family, I was not called on. Usually, I am pretty busy until I go home. This time I decided simply to sit at my desk and read (something that is very uncommon for me) and to see if anyone knocked or messaged. It was really peaceful and relaxing. I read several chapters in my current novel (set in Edinburgh -- Scotland is one of my favorite locations for reading) and then read a variety of ancient poetry from an old book I got on eBay (from 1880's). No knocks, no messages, no phone calls. It was a nice time of relative isolation and a good reminder for me of a truth that one tends to look around rather than at.

The weather was beautiful today, but we had an all time record high absence rate. The Destiny kids had slept in group settings, so they passed the school germs around and stirred the fetid pot of illness. This was another hugely successful retreat for the sixty who went, no surprise of course. But so many were sick that the kids named it the Bubonic Destiny. Nice tag.

I am inner weary these days. Bye.