March 26th, 2006

Slip on by

This is one of those weekends that seem to slip on by. I had no big obligations for a change, and that means pretty much zero on the socializing scale. Luckily, I don't mind being alone. Friday I didn't even go over to UVillage, just hung around the house, read, went to bed early. Last night I was really unfocused, so I drove alone up north to donate some money to the Tulalip tribe, accepting the hard task of donating money a quarter at a time. It was my good deed. The funny thing was that I never quite succeeded at the donation and ended up twenty dollars to the good. And I stayed till after one a.m., too, trying to get rid of my money, then gave up.

As I was leaving the "place of donation," I looked at a board near the entrance and saw a list of names of people who had won vacations in a drawing they have. One of the names was the name of a Salt Mine grad of a few years ago, somewhat unusual name, too. So I am wondering about trying to get in touch with him, as you can only claim your vacation if you go up to the "place of leaving large amounts of money" personally and pick it up with your very own personal presence. I think the vacations are pretty spiffy, too.

Isn't "spiffy" a nice word? It is one of those words that apply pretty much only to old men like me. I don't think you whipper snappers get to use it.

The spell check doesn't like my word UVillage and suggests one of these: Overlarge, Uvular, Uvula, Eviller, Uvulas, Orville, Ovulate, Uvula's, Uvulars, Evilly, Overage, Algae, Evil, Flag, Flake, Orville's. Which do you think should be the substitute?


Channel Nine has just aired a concert from 1989 called Roy Orbison and Friends. It is a black/white film of a performance that starred the great Orbison, and he is backed up by the greatest all time rock musicians of that day. His back up singers are K. D. Lang, Bonnie Raitt, and Jennifer Warnes. Imagine those gals doing the DooWop in the background. His instrumentalists include Jackson Browne, Tom Wait, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, etc. The photography of the concert at the Coconut Grove in LA is superb. The whole concert is an absolute joy. If you don't know the great Orbison, you have got to learn him; if you do, you can't miss this performance. I went right onto eBay and bought the DVD. Talk about great music. Now I can listen/watch it at the lake, if I want to.

OOOOOh ooooh. Pretty Woman.