April 18th, 2006


I just now got home from going up to the Crest by myself to see Brokeback Mountain, probably the last person in the state to see it. Almost no one was in the theater. I think the loneliness of the viewing made the movie seem even more lonely. It is such a sad film. The acting was excellent, though it took a while getting used to Ledger's tight-lipped character. Ennis was so taciturn that it was hard to see what Jack saw in him. I have to admit that there was chemistry between the actors, and it carried the movie along over the twenty year span. Everything was so hopeless, though. Both of them were trapped in lives they simply could not escape. Both wives were well-acted, too, though Jack's wife was a caricature, so much so she damaged the story. Ennis' handling of Jack's death was really strong. The movie really makes a person think of missed opportunities and the way time just pushes a person past chances for happiness. I liked it.

Vacation Tuesday

This is Tuesday of Easter break week, one of my favorite days in the vacation calendar. It is early in the vacation, and things can be as lazy as one wishes. I am trying to do some vacation-y things. Most important is seeing that the alarm is OFF, so that waking up is natural instead of forced. Everything else is gravy. Next is staying up until I feel time for bed. Then is doing what I want to do.

Yesterday I went downtown in the morning to leave my new Hazard at the bookbindery for repair. Then I bummed around, sort of skipping the afternoon away. The highlight was probably a walk along the woods path at upper Golden Gardens. Absolutely gorgeous setting, and the sun was kinder than the other day at the cemeteries. Last night I went up to the Crest to see Brokeback (see previous entry), then chatted on gmail with a couple of dear friends.

Today is another glorious day. (How could anyone want to live anywhere else than Seattle on days like this?) I even saw an idiot stopped dead on I-90 so he could stand at the railing and take a photograph of Mt. Rainier. I hope he got tagged by the State Patrol. Now I am puttering around, which I get better and better at as I age. One of these nights I think I will go up to the casino again, just for the jaunt of it.

Scarlett mowed our lawn yesterday while I was gone, so the grass is perfectly lush and beautiful. The monster house is rising across the alley and looming increasingly ominously over our back yard and deck. Now when I nude sunbathe out there, the neighbors will get quite a show. S is furious about the house, which is going to sell for a million and a quarter. ($1,000,000.25?) Monster houses are rising all over Green Lake, paying no attention to the neighborhoods they impose themselves on.

In two weeks we will be having our deck replaced (not cheap). I want this to be the last time. No more painting or staining or board replacement for this guy.

Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where
The birdies is?


Take a look at these interesting tombstones from the GAR cemetery.

The names are so interesting, and the years are amazing, when you think what they covered. I wonder what kind of person Julia Jackson was.