May 7th, 2006

The day after the day before

Yesterday was one of those Saturdays that have just too much going on. It was still a good day, with activity I enjoyed greatly.

I did the morning drive south and picked up my old friend Bob and took him over to the Marriott (where I slept many a JSA night) which is three minutes from the airport. He had a flight to Korea at 2 p.m. It gave us time for a leisurely talk, covering everything from George W. to family circumstances and personal connection topics. It was good to see him. It makes one think of how life connects you and disconnects you. Had he lived in Seattle, I have no doubt we would have been best friends all of our lives. Missoula, however, creates a random hit and run friendship. And I have no other long term male friends such as he would have been.

The evening was dedicated to youth in the form of the Salt Mine Prom. I met about nine other faculty at Ray's Cafe for a long and enjoyable and expensive pre-prom ingestion of comestibles. I got fish and chips which totaled more than is justifiable in any form, but it was a good meal with good conversation. The prom itself was right up the road at the former Canal restaurant. Now it is just a place to be rented for dances and celebrations, and the transformation has gone well. I was really surprised to find that it was perfect. It has an L-shaped series of areas, with some higher, some lower, creating an excellent ambiance. The dance floor was perfect in size (a problem for recent sites), and the music was good enough to keep the kids dancing until the very last dog was hung (oops, sorry Napoleon).

The outfits were stunning, both female and male, and the smiles indicated a good time was going on generally. I swear, no lie, we have the most beautiful young people in the country. And they have good hearts, too. Dresses were very pastel oriented with enough intense color (especially blue) and patterns to salt the view.

I charged up the camera and too over one hundred eighty pictures, doing so in spite of a camera that was not cooperating much of the time. I stayed till it was over, after midnight, left glad to be at easy access to Green Lake. Woke up with an aching body, though I never danced a bar.

Time takes its toll on old men who start going to proms in 1961 and are still doing it in 2006.