May 17th, 2006

Trapped on the east side

I have been wanting to get home to Green Lake for a couple of hours now, but the traffic maps show that both bridges are totally unavailable. Solid lines of black all the way to 405. I-5 itself is now completely free, but no luck for us who work over on this side. It is the one factor of work life that gets me down regularly. No longer can I expect to go home on my own terms; the roads determine travel in Puget Sound. I mostly refuse to go and sit on I-90 in the stalled traffic, but I don't like it. I noticed again this morning that the lane that goes from southbound I-5 onto east 520 is almost unmoving at 6:45 a.m. When I started working at the old campus in 1981, I had a problem-free counter-commute every day. There was never a lineup going to work. And the 520 commute home was also trouble free. Now I find that I-90 is fine going to work, but the return in the evening can be utterly hopeless, as it is today. So when I do not have a reason to stay (like a game to attend or food to eat with some grad I care about), I sit here by the computer and get madder and madder about the things that irritated people get mad about. Even this entry is no more than a venting of spleen on the harmless individuals who take the chance that I will write something interesting. And lose.

and a sibling birthday, too

Happy Birthday to my sister, who is "a woman of a certain age" today. This is my sister who is three years younger than I, and who is the one who grew up like a real sibling. It is funny to think of it, but sibling relationships can be classic or not. My older sister was too old to be a true "raised together" sister, being six/seven years older. My younger sisters were so much younger that they were different generations. My third sister is seven years younger than I (see comment on older sister). My fourth sister is eighteen years younger, a whole different world, believe me. So J****e is the true and classic sister, the little pest who hangs around and wants to be included in everything going on. Well, actually, she was a pretty, smart, aggressive, stubborn, adventurous gal. Still is, for that matter. Okay, I have to admit, I hope she had a great birthday today, and many more. You here me, Sis? Love, your only Bro.