July 7th, 2006

Interesting words

"All right, I may have lied to you, and about you, and made a few pronouncements a bit too sweeping, perhaps, and possibly forgotten to tag the bases here or there, and damned your extravagance, and maligned your tastes, and libeled your relatives and slandered a few of your friends, O.K. Nevertheless, come back. Because tonight you are in my hair and eyes, and every street light that passes shows me you again, still you, and because tonight all the other nights are black, all the other hours are cold and far away, and now, this minute, the stars are very near and bright."
Kenneth Fearing

Up it pops

One of the dilemmas of cottage life is how far you let modernization creep in. I keep the cabin as primitive as possible. That means when I washed my hair yesterday, I pumped the ice cold water from the ground, put it on the propane stove, heated it, poured it into the basin, bent over, poured the water on my head using an old tin coffee cup, blah, blah. You can imagine the deal if you are brave enough. Okay, that sets up today's dilemma. Toast.

All my life I have made toast by using a toaster from the dawn of electricity. The two sides of the toaster drop down, and you place the bread on the inner sides and close them up, where coils of electric heat toast the bread to your perfection. You get exactly as much browning as you want personally, but the slightest inattention turns your toast to cinders. There is no mechanics involved. Today I found a modern toaster left in the kitchen by the family that uses my cabin when I am gone. Not only does it pop up the toast perfectly browned according to industry standards but there are actually FOUR slots for toast and two down pushers! It is so modern I can hardly look at it. So what do I do? How pure am I? Do I let my innate laziness take over, or do I stay pure and toast my toast the slow and natural way? Should I give in and do the pop up thing like everybody else, or should I be the last person in the world to toast manually the morning toast? You guys can vote on it. (I used the new toaster, buy the way, so I could eat hurriedly and get to the wi-fi here at the coffee shop and do my computer inputting.)

Here is a line from the book I was reading yesterday: "Anything worth doing is worth over-doing." You like it?