October 3rd, 2006

Interesting words

"It is told that at a Scandinavian free-for-all, Danes will be the ones dancing and laughing, Norwegians endeavoring to start a fight, Finns passing bottles, and Swedes standing along the wall waiting to be introduced."
Ivan Doig

Frustration and enjoyment....

I just finished a Ridley Pearson novel, The Body of David Hayes. I read it pretty steadily after I picked it up on a put/take pile the S***ns made in the faculty room. I have read Pearson on and off over the years and found him capable of being an absorbing writer who creates amazing bizarre climaxes for his climactic scenes. I also love his detective Lou Boldt. This book, though was for some reason so frustrating that I almost didn't finish it. Right from the beginning I was bothered by it, by the plot (with its opaque complexity) by the action (which was luridly painful to read), by the placing of Boldt's wife and children in fearful danger, and by the static high level tension of the pacing of the book. It was like having someone scream in your ear at a high decibal level for hour after hour. Now, obviously, I found enough motivation to read it to the end. My problem is that I was interested and involved, but I didn't ENJOY the process of reading the book. I find that interesting even though I am not sure what I want to say about it.

By the way, I do not like books or movies that show children in danger. I just don't like them