May 26th, 2007

Interesting words

"The world will go on somehow, and more crises will follow. It will go on best, however, if among us there are men who have stood apart, who refused to be anxious or too much concerned, who were cool and inquiring, and had their eyes on a longer past and a longer future."
Walter Lippmann


I got an email this morning from L**a V***e. She sent a photograph of herself and C***s D****y, both of whom graduated from Notre Dame Law School last weekend. (C***s had told me of his graduation but I hadn't realized that L**a was in the same graduation.) The picture is a treasure. Two people in full ND J.D. regalia, even wearing the floppy hats with the gold tassels. They look so happy and proud, justly. And I am more proud of them than I have a right to be, to think of these two Salt Mine grads finishing up not just college but Law School. And over at Rutgers two more of my favorite people of all time are nearing the ends of their Law School years.

With all the news of education failures, it is successes like these that are proof that the Salt Mine has done well by the young people we took under our wings. We have been an excellent place for education and growth, and our grads affirm that in their lives, over and over. No matter what direction the school takes in the future, it is important to know that we have never been "broken" or needed "repair."

And for me, in my last innings at the Mine, I will leave in a year or two knowing that the education we gave our students was good for their minds and souls.

Congratulations new SMHS College grads, Law School grads, Business school grads, Medical School grads, etc.!


Thinking about getting a new car. Brrrrrrrmmmmm. Thinking about getting a Honda Accord. mmmmmmmmm. Thinking new car male hormones are taking over after all these years. Gotta fight it. Gotta fight. I's losing the fight! Help!!!

(Maybe deep blue? Maybe sage green? Maybe dark red?)

Three words

I just got back from visiting my brilliant grandson. Remember how pleased I was a bit ago when he graduated to two work sentences? It was "More keys" a huge leap from the single words he had been piling up for some time. Tonight he came up with a three word sentence!

I had a laser pointer with me from work and caught his attention with the red spot on the floor. He and the cat Pepper were both interested, but K***n was entranced. He immediately connected the light with its source and zoomed in with an investigation. (Clearly he is going to be an engineer or technician of some kind.) When I let the light go off, he started a mantra: "Do light on. Do light on." There it is, three word sentence command. And he wouldn't stop saying it. Not only is he brilliant, he is persistent.

Super kid.