June 29th, 2007

Interesting words

[Today you get two Interesting Words. The first one is an emergency addition as part of a response to Catherinew's entry. Right after reading her, I found Connolly's words staring at me. The Broun is the one I had already picked. No use making him suffer because of Catherinew's whimsy.]

"Human beings have a tendency to over-civilization; they cannot tear up old letters, they collect and catalogue up to the edge of insanity."
Cyril Connolly

"It is not fair that I should thwart and crush great eagerness for existence for the sake of the extremely mild diversion which I get from fishing. They told me that the fish cared very little and that they were cold-blooded and felt no pain. But they were not the fish who told me...."
Heywood Broun

talk radio

Terrible shock today to learn that former KIRO talk radio host Mike Webb's body was found rotting in the crawl space under his Queen Anne house, murdered with multiple stab wounds. He apparently was killed in mid-April sometime. Mike was an outspoken liberal host with a great wit, very funny and absolutely no restraint in saying outright what many of us cover up with mumbling politeness. He was just great to listen to in the car late at night.

When a person listens to a regular talk radio host, he seems to become someone well known. Like a friend or a relative. To have one of those people brutally murdered is a kind of shock seldom known. Of course, people we know and care about die in the cycle of life, but talk show hosts speak to us, are closer to our ears. They just don't get murdered.

But Mike Webb did. Ever since he left KIRO my wife has been lamenting his absence, constantly comparing everyone else to their detriment. Now we know that he is gone in a deeper, more shocking and permanent sense than just losing his show. And it seems as though someone I know has been murdered.