July 15th, 2007

15 July

There must be some French type people up at the lake. Last night was a huge private fireworks display perfectly viewable from my dock. It was quatorze julliet, or however they spell it, the French Independence Day.

Perfect Seattle summer weather here again, though I am a couple of thousand miles away. I am in a coffee shop in Eau Claire right now, having had a shower at the YMCA and having got some cash at the mall, where the only BofA ATM in Wisconsin lives. I am sitting historically just a few feet from where my Uncle Jim sold paint for many years, when this building was the Co-op. Now it is a very nice coffee shop, in what was sort the the paint section. If this was the old Time Machine movie, I could sit here and wave to Jim as he whipped by me. He was a fine, happy uncle, married to my mom's sister Marian.

Now I head up for a family get together to celebrate my wife's Aunt Lucille's 93rd birthday. And she is a good person to celebrate, too.

Boy, I had a beautiful fire in the fireplace last night. Just perfect for rocking and talking, but no one but me to rock or talk. Still, a nice evening, and good sleeping, too.