July 29th, 2007

29 July

I am currently standing outside the little village library with my Compaq on top of the book drop off bin in the shade of the doorway. The librarian told me that the wi-fi here is available 24/7 if I want to come by. Even Sundays like today, when the place is closed. This is a strange place to jot an entry.

S is sitting on the dock reading under a beautiful blue sky, calm lake, light breeze, active critters doing their things.

We are recovering from two days of 45th reunion debauchery down in Eau Claire (At that age the word debauchery means two beers and hours of conversation, laughter and uptodating. The most common question? Are you retired yet?) It was fun, mostly. We had a fine dinner and program last night at the Country Club for a turnout of 250. (We graduated 520 in 1962.) Started the day with a personal tour of the school, given us by the vice principal. Huge changes, of course, but much that we saw could have been touched by our teenage hands and feet.

On Friday evening a huge crowd took over Sammy's Pizza Parlor for the informal ice breaker. We heard yesterday morning that one of our class, a woman named Faye Gabrielson, had died during the previous evening, even as her class was celebrating 45 years. Faye was a fine person. She had caught polio in the last great polio scare when she was ten and was wheelchair bound the rest of her life. So she was special to all of us for her bravery and cheerful spirit.

So it goes.