September 19th, 2007


Last night, Tuesday, I wended my way over to the Ballard library to see the author Michael Perry in a book reading. He is the author of "Population 485" and "Truck, a Love Story." Now this is one terrific writer, and I can't recommend him highly enough to you. Even better, he is from my home territory, having been raised in New Auburn, which is a dozen miles south of my cabin in Wisconsin. I know almost every reference he makes in 485, and that makes for a great feeling when reading. Even better than that, now I know, is that he is one hilarious speaker. I haven't been so tickled pink in a long time. The library was expecting about twenty chairs worth of people and ended up dragging in almost every available seat. I would guess there was somewhere upwards of a hundred people, laughing their heads off. What a good feeling.

On top of it all, Perry is a nice guy, totally grateful for his fans. I think he might not have known what reading fanatics we in Seattle are, or how many of us have relatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin, people dropped off in the western migration to Ballard as the Norwegians searched for water.

P.S. He told an anecdote about his brother-in-law, a rough fellow who has the perfect life philosophy summed up in three words: Walk it off. I love it. You hit your thumb with a hammer? "Walk it off." Your girl runs away with your best friend? "Walk it off." The perfect useful all situation mantra. LOL.