January 28th, 2008

Snow Day! Snw Day!

(Doc does a Snoopy dance 'cause no one is watching, goes back and snuggles under the still warm covers, goes back to sleep and dreams of Simone Signoret in her youth.)

coffee and essays

I am sitting in Zoka on this snow day and reading final exam essays (one and a half classes done, out of three classes, but I cheated and did the smallest class first so I could have a sense of accomplishment). Lots of people in the coffee house, and they are not working as diligently as I would like them to be working, so I would have the proper atmosphere for focus. In the evening people usually have a greater sense of duty. I think the snow day has allowed people an undue sense of frivolity.

When I set my computer up for the cafe wi-fi, it tried to interact with the computer of the man next to me, something that had never happened before. The two computers were interacting via infrared (?) ports, attempting to send files to each other. I can't believe it, such disloyalty, and right under my nose. And his computer wasn't even that good looking. My computer is a slut.