July 17th, 2008


I am at Jitters this morning with my mocha. We are going to have a week of thunderstorms on and off. Yesterday ended up being a nice afternoon after the ferocious storm in the morning. Right now I can see heavy clouds off to the northwest.

My emails from the Salt Mine are telling me that Campus 2 is shutting down and off-limits for the next week, as final movement to the new building takes place. People are to stay away from both campuses during the next week, something I am far away from during this month, as you know. Even the email will be down for the next week.

I am not at ease about the loss of this home of twenty years. That is not to say that I am not happy to have the new building and to have our own building. We first came to this campus with a five year lease, and that has been renewed four times! I always thought that the permanent campus would never come close to being in my time, yet here it is.

I drove up to Barron to the county building to render my money to Caesar. It is a summer jaunt every July, but it has to be done. Ergh.

My throat is sore now and feels constricted. I have not felt truly healthy since I got here, though my energy is improving and I am sleeping mostly well. Lots of dreams. The end of the year stuff is still disturbing me and makes me wonder if I will be able to be happy in the fall. Today I am going to laze around.