July 21st, 2008


This is the time of a vacation when I don't have much to add to previous entries. Those of you following life at the lake might surmise that yesterday I did some reading out on the dock where Charlie likes to bask. I was intrigued by the dragonflies, a black one in particular that looked like an Apache attack helicopter and flew like one. They are just amazing creatures. I read in the St. Paul paper that they can make 90 degree turns while going full speed, and they are the only creation that can fly, stop and then go directly backwards in a single motion.

You might have guessed that last night as I went down to the dock to see the stars, there were fireflies out for the first time, signaling their mating interests. Did you know that the larval stage of the firefly is the glowworm?

I did spend some time going up to Rice Lake, where I visited the bargain dvd bin at Wal-Mart (I know, I know). Then I stopped at Pizza Hut for a thin crust green olive pizza.

And I finished James Lee Burke's Bitterroot, which makes Montana seem like paradise inhabited by wonderful creatures and villainous humans. Horrible violence amid stunning beauty. A good read.

At home I watched The World is Not Enough on dvd, for mindless entertainment.

The Salt Mine has no existence except in memory and anticipation, as this is the week in which it does not exist, the hiatus between Campus 2 and Campus 3.

Cloudy this morning, but the temperatures have been perfect so far, with highs somewhere around 80. Remember that last summer the heat was up in the 100's? I can live without intolerable heat, believe me.