September 18th, 2008

Interesting words

"To enable you to face the disorder in the immediacies of your life, you must live in accordance with what you discover to be your reasonable place in the universe. Only by playing a part in what seems a deeply reasonable game can you overcome the sense of fraud in life, and futility in experience."
Irwin Edman


A day that started with a meeting and continues again after a day of classes with another meeting. This one is a department meeting on the topic of writing. I do not have much, if anything to say. And then we eat, and then it is parent meet the teacher evening. Exhausting. But it is almost always a rewarding evening. And I am winding down the number of times I have to do it, so that casts its aura over things, too.

Tomorrow I won't be coming in to the Professional Development Day. I have family obligations that are even less pleasant than professional development days. I bet you thought that was impossible.