November 18th, 2008


We got word last night that our friend died. She and her husband dined with us at Cutter's last December 6th, then she collapsed at the airport the next day. They discovered she had a brain tumor (like Kennedy's). She had some good months since then, but last Friday she finally succumbed. We have known them since grad school in the sixties and have always laughed more with them than any other couple. It is hard to understand that her last evening of unshadowed pleasure was with us, when we laughed, talked, ate and reminisced about life for a few hours at Cutter's Bay House. SB, RIP.

NO LIve Journal!

Today at eight o'clock in the morning LJ is disconnecting for four hours to move the servers to Montana! I can't bear the thought of complete disconnection! What if someone wants to connect with me? What if I need to write something? I must distract myself, I must distract myself from thinking about this morning. I will let you know later how it goes.

Interesting words

"I remember a woman who lived in one of these remote farmhouses, a solid West Riding countrywoman and not one of your fanciful arts-and-crafts misses, who swore that she saw fairies dancing on the hillside. (Have these lonely folk keener senses than ours, or do they merely take to imagining things? It is still an open question, and not to be settled by a report from a committee because a committee would never see anything.)"
J. B. Priestley