December 13th, 2008

Interesting words

"Nobody but an actor knows the vitality that has to be expended during a single performance; even after months of playing, when you move through the play automatically and without nerves, you still have to be strung up to a certain extent in order to get yourself on tho the stage at all."
Noel Coward

Time to mull

I notice myself the default in echsdoc in which all I get put down is the daily interesting words. I have made them a habit of my mornings. When I get to the Salt Mine, I turn on the computer, get connected to the world and go to livejournal. Then I open up Virginia's commonplace book and look up the next entry that intrigues me. (Actually, I have one of her books next to my desktop at home, too, which is why there are sort of alternating entries from the C's and the V's.) When I copy the entry down, usually between 7:10 and 7:30, I turn to the work for the day. Often that is stepping out for a morning cuppa.

Anyway, work tends to take away my times for doing what I am doing at this very moment, sitting and pulling up some personal entries, doing so both for any readers who might drop by and for myself, just as finger exercises to keep nimble. My tendency is to like to ponder little things in life that have interesting or more significant angles to think about, and that habit is not compatible with teenagers entering the room laughing and chatting.

The consequence is the sequences of days that are more Virginia's perceptions than my own. When I am on my own, I can put down several little bits of thought a day, but that sounds like a retirement activity to me.

By the way, a sad note today: a grad from the class of 1996 died a few days ago. 1996 is probably our all time closely bonded class, so there will be some sad thoughts as this news passes around the friendship chain. He was one of the rare students from that era whom I never taught, so I don't have any vivid memories of him, though I know who he was and do feel sad at such an untimely passing.