December 25th, 2008

Interestsing words

"Any two points in time, however distant, meet through the points in between; any two points in our atmosphere touch through the air. So we meet."
Annie Dillard

If it would make up its mind...

We are trying to decide whether to go to our friends' for Christmas Dinner, and the weather can't make up its mind whether it is a Midwestern or Northwestern Christmas Day. The morning was steady and beautiful snow falling gently until late morning. Since then it is snow showery, off and on. The temperature seems to be hovering in the low thirties, so the roads are slushy; the freeways seem to be pretty open. On the other hand, we would be going east where the snow is heavier. It is almost impossible to make a clear decision. Right now we are getting ready to go and planning on going as far as we can, hopefully all the way to dinner. I like clear and uncomplicated decision-making in social areas, and my preference is not being catered to this year!

On top of it, we haven't been able to go to the store, so we are shy creamed cheese for the super delicious creamed cheese, soy sauce and sesame seed hors d'oeuvre. Also shy the onions for the top of the baked green bean casserole. Also haven't been able to buy the various gifts for exchange (which is fine with me). It is all catch as catch can. Our daughter, son-in-law and grandson won't be able to go as they are a sick household.

Merry Christmas to almost all of you.

Eartha Kitt, RIP

Did you see that Eartha Kitt died today, Christmas Day, at age 81? Now here is a great singer who was long past her prime and was largely unknown to the younger generations. Except.....practically everywhere in America today and yesterday radio stations were playing her "Santa Baby" and people were remarking on her great style and her sultry voice. It was her one universally familiar song. That she should die on Christmas Day is so strange, as if she was making a claim of importance, even as we listened to her singing from 1952. We played her on dvd during dinner last night. Actually, last week I played her in class and spoke to my students about her career and her biography, if you recall. See the entry for December 8th.