July 2nd, 2009

Interesting words

"The transition from journalism to fiction is always a precarious trip, for journalism foists dangerous illusions on the incipient fiction writer. The daily journalist is trained to forget about yesterday and focus on today...and so every new day becomes for him a tabula rasa. This is deadly. The fiction writer who puts little or no value on yesterday, or the even more distant past, might just as well have Alzheimer's disease. Serious fiction, especially the novel, has time as its essence and memory as its principal tool."
William Kennedy


I met two grads from 2002 and 2004 last night down at the brand new Starbucks in UVillage. We sat outside and talked for three hours, something that I can't recall doing for many years. These are two wonderful young adults. I have been in regular touch with her, but needed update on his daily life. His current personal interest is the theramin, an almost forgotten "musical" instrument. It made the eerie sound you remember from old sci-fi and horror movies. oooeeeeeoooooiiiiiiiooo, just when the monster was ready to leap from the dark and stick his fangs in you. Remember? The great thing about the theramin is that it is played without touching it. You wave your hands before it, and the movement controls the sound. Anyway, BO has made his own theramin, even made it polyphonic. It is all really interesting and very representative of his unique and independent intelligence.

Who would ever think of making his own theramin? BO would.