July 26th, 2009

Black and white

Yesterday as we pulled up to the cabin after lunch, we saw a little skunk in the grass just left of the front of the car. The black and white are very noticeable. Then we saw another one making its slow way through the grass near the outhouse (which C***l saw as a counter-indicator of outhouse usage). Then I went through the cabin, looked out the front window to see another one right outside the front door, heading into the grass. Then I went down to the dock, turned to look at the overturned rowboat just in time to see the white tail of a fourth going up the far side of the boat. Oooookay. So skunks are present. The negative is the worry about startling one of them. The positive is that they are very non-aggressive and would prefer not to use their essence unnecessarily. They are, however, utterly unafraid and move confidently at their own pace, for good reason.

I never expected a skunk adventure this summer, but it has definitely spiced up life a bit. And I have to admit that they are really cute little critters. I will take a picture if occasion permits. Lacking skunk pics, you can look at yesterday's pictures or indian paintbrush next to the boat and teenage ducklings paddling among the water lilies.