July 28th, 2009

7-28 Rock follow-up

I got several good responses on the rock question. For some reason, though, I don't think that the people who responded were actual rock experts. Martians, previous teachers, skunks, etc. seem like plausible but not totally convincing guesses. That it was left here by the last glacier is something that I have always suspected. To me it looks like a basketball sized chunk of red granite from somewhere far away.

It is a good subject for contemplation, though.

People in the coffee shop today are telling about the Seattle heat wave, with a chuckle. We here in the woods are in a cooling trend in which the temperature on Thursday is expected not to top seventy. Another day of cool and partly cloudy. Last night I put another fire in the fireplace and enjoyed the life it gave to the cabin.

Today I drive to Minnesota to visit my sister-in-law. Will get back late, so remind me to keep an eye out for the deer waiting to jump in front of my car.