August 1st, 2009

8-1 Windy morning

Windy today. I even got up at four o'clock to go down to the dock to see that the boat was secure. It was. It is an eerie time to be out at the dock. Just the tiniest hint of dawn off to the east. The whole sleeping issue is curious. During the work year I often have difficulty sleeping. I like awake and ponder the current issues of work. When I get here to the lake, I can sleep and sleep and sleep. I can get up for a minute or so, then go right back to sleep. I can take two hour-long naps during the day, too. And I enjoy the sleep out here. I have interesting or amusing dreams. No work anxiety dreams. Then in the morning, when I get up, I can turn on WHWC and listen to intelligent conversation on Wisconsin Public Radio. I putter around, make coffee, get the Pioneer Press for newspaper news. When I open the dining room windows, the cool air turns the cabin into the outside with its freshness. Then I take a cup of coffee down to the dock and read, resting the cup on the posts that stick up through the boards of the dock. Pretty nice.