August 7th, 2009

That one extra day

Today is my one extra day at the lake. I had planned on leaving on the 7th until a week or so ago, then shifted to the 8th. My ostensible reason is so I can go through the Cities on a Saturday rather than a work day. Really, though, I wanted to make packing up and closing up less stressful. It has worked well. Yesterday I did outside stuff, bringing the boat ashore, locking up the shed, etc. Today I will pack most of what I put into the car, so I can be minimalist in the morning. As usual, I will hope to get to Dickinson, a long drive.

So postings might be erratic for the next few days. I try to use motels with wi-fi, and Dickinson's is usually good. The one at the motel in Butte is not reliable, though. Also, I lose cell phone service from Bismarck to Coeur d'Alene.

Drizzly and cool this morning, which is apropos, as the paper today says that the month of July was the third coldest in history. No surprise. I have had to put fires going in the evening several times, all by myself. I have no young person who loves to start fires with me this year. I have to say that being up here puts a strange twist to the apocalyptic warnings about global warming, open sea pollution, nuclear fear of North Korea, etc. None of that is real, when you are up in the woods.