August 13th, 2009

Interesting words

"A lot of men start cracking their knuckles if a girl gets enthusiastic about anything but them, they can talk their heads off about sports or just hanging around some billiard room and you're supposed to hang on every word even if you're bored to death, and if you start to say, Well I had an interesting experience the other day, a lady came into hardware who looked exactly like Ingrid Bergman they start cracking their knuckles."
Ella Leffland

From my own current reading

I am half through About Town, a book on the history of the New Yorker by Ben Yagoda. I tend to like books about the New Yorker. Anyway, he quotes E. B. White on the issue of the use of "afresh" versus "fresh."

"I think people say 'start fresh.' I shall continue to write 'start fresh' and to say 'start fresh,'and, in circumstances which require a restart, I shall actually start fresh. I don't ever intend to start afresh. Anybody who prefers to start afresh is at liberty to do so, but I don't recommend it. An afresh starter is likely to be a person who wants to get agoing. An afresh starter is also likely to be a person who fells acold when he steps out of the tub."