August 26th, 2009

Interesting words

"At first you do not know how you have become entangled in your little band of friends, but later you have the impression that it has been contrived in advance by some mysterious force. Taken to a place of amusement, you return the following day, and thus a ring is formed which closes in upon you, until one day, questioning every value, you totter to the brink of nothingness."
Paul Morand


The first words out of the radio this morning, as I lay trying to wake up, were that Sen. Edward Kennedy had died. It was sobering news. This was not an unexpected death, of course. We all knew he was dying of brain cancer. But it was a weighty loss, a large departure from our psychic consciousness of people who matter.

He had his troubles, we know, but he was given time for massive payback in the form of good deeds and good legislation. Kennedy was behind most of the progressive legislation over the last 45 years. He was a master legislator, and he held the public good as a constant goal. America is a less than it was. And it will be very hard to replace him.