August 29th, 2009

Interesting words

"Sleep brings to all a like immobility, and on awakening we usually find ourselves seated once more on the apex of the mount of memory, surveying a world utterly indifferent to our prolonged absence: and every tiniest wheel of the great contraption is busily revolving again."
Walter de la Mare

Saturday musings

Well, after the last few days, school has officially hit cruising speed. I like the looks of it so far. My classes seem to be responsive and quick and amiable, though they are too large for English classes. Cramming thirty big teens into my room leaves no elbow room for any movement! I am also trying to figure out what it means on a daily basis to be teaching part time. Losing my fifth class didn't diminish my student load at all. But it does free me for one more hour in the schedule, and I can do things like leave early. I actually did that on Thursday for the first time ever. It was an odd feeling for someone whose habit is to stay around until six or seven o'clock! I left around two o'clock with a hyper sense of a change in habit. When I got home and walked into the back door, guess what? My cell phone rang while I still had my bag in my hand. It was a grad from last year who was standing by my room and wanted to know where I was!! It was a sweet call but very funny as Nathan put before me the fact that I am SUPPOSED to be there.

Another change I am attempting to put into practice is the cessation of my weekend days at work. For many years I have driven to work every day, including weekend days. It was how I kept my routine. Now that I have taken a huge pay cut, I am not going to donate that time to the Salt Mine. I am going to try to stay home on weekends, and what doesn't get done, doesn't get done. I want to recapture the weekends as my own time, maybe even use them to test the feeling of "retiredness."