September 12th, 2009

The oldest person in the world

Well, we now have the death of another oldest person in the world. This was a lady born in 1894, now dead at age 115. As Tony said on my facebook comment, it is stunning to think what she lived through in her years.

I noticed right away that she was born exactly fifty years before me. That means that I would have to hang around for another fifty in order to equal her numbers. Death in 2059. It sends chills up my back, just the thought of fifty more years in this vale of tears. It does mean a person would get his money's worth from his lifetime annuities, doesn't it? But who is enjoying that monthly pension? Would I be getting an extra helping of heavenly hash with my Sunday mush? Nah, when they are handing out applications for the job of oldest person in the world, I will pass. It is practically a death sentence, anyway.