September 13th, 2009

Interesting words

"The trouble of old age is not that one lasts too long, but that one sees all about him pass away. Nature makes and unmakes all these diving treasures with gloomy indifference, and at last we find that we have not loved, we have only been embracing shadows."
Anatole France

New year's day

I have to admit that pretty deeply ingrained in me is the feeling that the real New Year is the day of the first home high school football game. That happened this weekend when we played a home game on Friday night. A Classic evening, early season hot day (very stultifying for people in the booth like scoreboard keeper yours truly). Beautiful sunset off to the left. Lots of happy fans. And a tough game that ended with victory. Sweet. Then yesterday the dogs doghandled Idaho, just as they should in a world where justice reigns. And the Cougs crashed and burned, which is not good but which reminds us that history exists to help us understand the present. I even listened to the Bellevue/Katy,TX game on Texas internet radio, just out of curiosity. So I heard the solid beating that Bellevue got, though I am largely dispassionate about it.

And the weather this weekend is wonderful, a reminder that the summer is on its last legs but still able to push the temperature up for a day or two. Friday's 87 was a record high, if you noticed.

So the new year has started. By the last home football game, the chill will be in the air and jackets will be compulsory.