July 11th, 2010

16 - home away from home

I sit in the car in the rain outside the village library. Got in well in the dark last night after traveling through huge thunderstorms in the Alexandria area. Am trying to take it slow, do the initial necessaries for habitation. First task will be putting new leathers on the pump and hope they hold. Get stuff organized in a comfortable way instead of just dropping bags of stuff on the nearest couch. I a determined to do this right this time. Will have to do major shopping this afternoon. Big surprise? A small floating island has floated close to my shore on the right as I stand on the dock. Very unusual. Changes the visuals.

16 - settling in

First task today was replacing the leathers in the pump. That is a classic cabin job. I did it and now officially in cabin mode. Some big storms went through this afternoon. Otherwise nice temps, More tomorrow.