July 20th, 2010

Interesting words

"How could I describe my father in less than monumental proportions, his bigotry and his learning, his harsh, provocative authority, his rages and his weeping, and his body broken like a soldier's, gone helpless in his bed?"
Mary Gordon

25 - Reassessment

Last night I watched My Own Private Idaho and found myself reacting very differently from the theater experience back in the seventies. I still like the update of Henry IV, Pt 1, and how the basic moral issues were modernized. This time, though, I thought the movie was much more amateurishly constructed. And the au courant narration was diminished. I was much more antagonistic towards the "Hal" character, who is someone I have always had difficulty with in Shakespeare. His use and abuse of people he called friends is more repulsive in the movie than in the play. The highlight of the movie was again River Phoenix trying to talk about loving someone, about how he actually loved "Scott," as they lay around the campfire.