July 25th, 2010

Interesting words

Have you ever been going somewhere with a crowd and you're certain it's the wrong road and you tell them, but they won't listen, so you just have to plod along in what you know is the wrong direction till someone more important gets the same idea?"
James Hilton

30 - Stonewall

Yesterday I watched the History Channel DVD on Stonewall Jackson. When it was over, he was much diminished in my image of him as a person and as a general. That is the opposite of what the HC was trying to do. Also, I was repeatedly irritated by a scholar from the U of V constantly calling the battles of Bull Run by the name of Manassas, He did that in the Lee documentary, too. Okay, boys, the south lost the war. They don't get to name the battles, okay. And it the the Civil War, not the War Between the States. Same reason.