September 10th, 2010

Interesting words

"The common fluency of speech in many is owing to a scarcity of matter and words; the master of language and ideas will be apt, in speaking, to hesitate upon the choice of both."
Dean Swift

77 - party, party

It looks like my alumni are actually succeeding in putting a retirement event on for me on the 18th. I know none of the details, and I wondered whether something so organizationally difficult could be done, but word has come that there are over a hundred grads who have signed up, with more coming. I don't even know how they managed to organize it, but it is not smart to underestimate the two women behind the event. I was told to dress up in a spiffy suit, and to be ready to be maneuvered wherever I am to go. I don't know where it is. There will be grads of SMHS there and former colleagues from different eras in the school. This is making me feel better about it all. Well, actually feeling more than better.

This is especially nice, as I haven't had any public events regarding retirement. This will do the closure job beautifully.

Now, should I rent a tuxedo for my big party? LOL