October 10th, 2010

Interesting words

"As one enters upon each succeeding decade, I suppose it is only natural to look upon it as a fairly significant event. I have been regularly reading myself a lecture every ten years since I was thirty. 'You are a boy no longer,' I told myself on that occasion. 'You are a man and must behave like a man.' When I was forty, I said, 'There it goes; that is the end of youth.' When I was fifty, I said, 'It's no use pretending any longer; this is middle age and there is no way of getting around it.' At sixty I knew that I had reached the threshold of old age and that the time had come for me to start putting my affairs in order. But of all anniversaries, I think the seventieth is the most momentous. One has reached the three score and ten which one is accustomed to regard as the allotted span of man and one is no longer merely on the threshold of old age. At seventy one is just a very old party. There is quite a lot to think about then. Seventy years is quite a long time. I can't say I would like to live them all over again -- it would be almost as idle as reading a detective story you have read before -- and I think I'd refuse the chance. I have had enough. There are times when I feel that I have done everything too often -- read too many books, seen too many pictures, known too many people, and listened to too much music."
W. Somerset Maugham